# Choosing Hardware

# Nanome Headset Comparison Matrix

All in One Headsets (no PC) PCVR
Meta Quest Pro & Meta Quest 2 (Consumer) Vive Focus 3 Meta Quest Link (Supports Meta Quest Pro & Meta Quest 2) HTC Vive (Pro), Valve Index Windows Mixed Reality (HP Reverb G2) Varjo XR3
Multi-device provisioning and remote I.T. management Yes with Quest for Business Yes with Vive business N N N N
Completely offline installation N N N N Y N
Device Use Management 3rd party (arborxr.com, grove.us) Yes with Vive business, and 3rd party (arborxr.com) N N N N
VPN Support Partial Support (requires APK file) Yes has Full Support With PC
Can connect to PC? Y Y ---
Nanome I.T. Team Ease of Deployment Score (out of 10) 2 5 3 7 9 4
Cost $299 + recommended headstrap ($50/each) $1300/hmd, optional vive business annual fee Link cables can be purchased for $30-$100 + PC $1k+ + PC $600 + PC $5,995.00 + annual subscription + PC
Procurement www.meta.com/quest Nanome Inc. (support@nanome.ai) or HTC Meta Quest Link Cable Requirements HTC Vive Pro, Valve Index HP Reverb G2 Varjo.com

# Nanome All-In-One (Quest Pro, Quest 2 & Focus 3) vs PCVR Feature Comparison

The following tables below show brief overviews of the capabilities of the Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2, Vive Focus 3 vs Desktop VR. Please also note the following:

  1. ‘Shown Atom Count’ only refers to the count of atoms displayed in the workspace and larger structures can be loaded within the workspace in the Meta Quest 2 & Vive Focus 3.
  2. Surfaces (on/off), secondary structures (ribbons on/off), and supplemental materials (PDF/JPEGs, whiteboards, web browsers, labels) all affect performance in different ways significantly. ‘Shown Atom Count’ column is given nothing else is displayed in the scene.
  3. Desktop is assumed to be “VR ready” (Nvidia GTX 1060 or greater).

# Comfort Legend

Comfortability Frames Per Second (FPS)
Comfortable 72 FPS +
Moderate 60 FPS +
Not recommended 30 FPS or less

# Comfort Comparison

(All-in-One, no PCVR)
Shown Atom Count1,2 Meta Quest Pro & Quest 2 HTC Vive Focus 3 PCVR, PC Windows App3
2,500 Comfortable Comfortable Comfortable
5,000 Moderate Moderate Comfortable
10,000 Not recommended Moderate Comfortable
20,000 Not recommended Not recommended Comfortable
100,000 Not recommended Not recommended Comfortable
100,000+ Not recommended Not recommended Depends on GPU model

# Capability & Plugin Recommendation Comparison

Feature Oculus Quest 2 & HTC Vive Focus 3 Windows Desktop (both 2D and VR)
Energy Minimization Plugins (Cloud/Remote server) CPU based
Bonding and secondary structures Running structure prep plugin strongly recommended No prep needed
Voice Commands Not Compatible Compatible (full list here)
in-VR Web browser Gecko (Light Firefox) Chromium
Surface Generation CPU based (slower, more precise) GPU based (less precise but instantaneous), enables MD simulation playback with surfaces
File saving/loading Vault plugin strongly recommended Vault & local desktop saving/loading
Last Updated: 2/15/2023, 7:30:40 PM