# Nanome Vault

The Nanome Vault allows for the distribution of files (PDB, SDF, PDF, PPT, etc.) to be drag-and-dropped into a web interface to be made available inside of the Nanome VR software.

# Installation (Windows)

Required dependencies:

  • Python3 & Pip
  • Nanome Library
  • Nanome Vault Plugin

Optional dependencies:

  • Ghostscript (required for pdf support)
  • ImageMagick (required for pdf support)
  • Libre Office (required for pdf, ppt, and odp support)

# Installing Dependencies

  1. Install Python

  2. Open a command prompt

  3. Type python --version to verify the version is Python 3.0+

  4. Upgrade your Pip library

    python -m pip install --upgrade pip

  5. Install the latest Nanome Lib with pip

    pip install nanome

  6. Install the Nanome Vault Plugin with pip

    pip install nanome-vault

# Installing Optional Dependencies

# Running Nanome Vault

Run the Nanome Vault plugin with:
nanome-vault -a localhost

The -a denotes the address of the Plugin Server IP

# Web Interface

Once the Nanome Vault plugin is running, you can visit http://localhost in your browser to see the Web Interface.

# Folders

At the root level, there are two folders: shared and account.

The shared folder is accessible to all users connected to the plugin, whereas the account folder is only accessible to your Nanome account.

To log in on the web interface, either click the "log in" next to "Welcome!", or double-click the account folder. Enter your Nanome account credentials in the popup that appears and click "log in".

Once you are logged in, you can use the account folder.

# Uploading and Managing Files

To upload files, you can either drag and drop a file onto the webpage, or click the upload button.

Try it out! Download a sample PDF and drag-and-drop it into the Web Interface. An example can be found here:

To create folders, you can either click the new folder button or right-click and select "new folder". This will prompt you for the folder name and create the folder in the current directory.

To delete files or folders, right-click the item and select "delete", and then confirm in the dialog that appears.

# VR Interface

Launch Nanome and create a room. Open the Plugins Menu with the button on the Entry Menu to see your plugin populated.

Like the web interface, at the root level there are two folders: shared and account.

You can browse and load items from the folder structure by clicking on items in the list.

To upload structures from your workspace, browse to the directory you want to upload to and click on the "upload here" button. This will prompt you to select a structure. After you select a structure, upload it by selecting the format you want (PDB, SDF, or MMCIF).

Last Updated: 1/11/2020, 12:22:46 AM