# Tool Menu

Press and hold the menu button to activate the tool selection menu, hover over the desired selection and then release the button. If no selection is made, the hand tool will be chosen by default. If you are using a Vive system, press and hold the touch pad on your right controller to activate the menu. If you are using an Oculus system, press and hold the B button on your right controller to activate the menu.

# Hand Tool

Holding down the joystick at any moment to trigger your laser pointer that is visible to other users in the room. You can use this laser to point at a point of interest for your colleagues.

The Hand Tool is the default state of the hand and allows for basic interaction including grabbing and clicking.

# Measurement Tool

Measurement Tool places measurement points and measure the distances and angles between atoms and points of interests.

# Selection Tool

Selection Tool selects structures directly in the workspace.

# Torsion Tool

Torsion Tool twists rotatable bonds and changes the dihedral angles between atoms.

# MedChem Tools

MedChem Tools enable editing the atoms directly using hands, bundling a rich set of features including atom addition and removal.

# Prep

Offers options to quickly access binding sites and config the auxiliary features such as auto-minimization.

# Build

Select a substructure from the build menu and build it on top of existing atoms using medchem tool.

Hold down trigger at an empty space to place a new structure.

# Periodic Table

Select any atom type from the periodic table to use in build mode.

# Whiteboard Tool

The Whiteboard Tool brings up a whiteboard that you can draw/write on. Toggle the right joystick sideways (left/right) to switch between your marker and eraser. To share your whiteboard with other users in your workspace, toggle the slider at the top of the menu on your left hand. In the same left-hand menu, you can change the marker color and save your image as a PNG file.

Last Updated: 11/2/2020, 8:22:47 AM