# Lobby

The Nanome Lobby is where users can sign into an account or sign up. By toggling the 'Remember Me' button, users can automatically be signed in the next time they start Nanome. Users can also start the Nanome Basics tutorial by selecting 'Start Tutorial'.

# Creating an Account

An email address is required to create a Nanome account.

Terms & Conditions: https://nanome.ai/terms/ (opens new window)

# Nanome Basics

Nanome Basics is our introductory tutorial that gets the user acquainted with the Nanome virtual environment and controllers. The tutorial consists of 7 levels. Follow the instructions on the Level Panel and the narrated audio to complete the levels.

A checkmark will appear when each task is completed within a level panel. Users can visit previous levels by selecting the back arrow on the level panel, or skip the current level by selecting the forward arrow on the level panel.

Once the Nanome Basics tutorial is completed, you can move onto Advanced Tutorials (which brings the user into a Nanome workspace and pulls up the Spatial Tutorials menu) or you can exit the tutorial to return to the Lobby.

# Lobby Top Bar

Refresh, Creating a Room, and Settings

# (1) Refresh

Users can refresh the available room list by selecting the 'Refresh' button at the top of the Lobby Navigation Bar Buttons.

# (2) Creating a Room

There are three Room Types a user can create depending on their Nanome Licence.

Room Types:

  • Public Rooms: Anyone can join in the room. available to all Nanome licenses
  • Private Rooms: A password is set for the room. Available to Academic and Enterprise
  • Single User: Offline mode which no one else can join. Available to Academic and Enterprise

# (3) Server Type

Indicates connection to Nanome Public Server or Custom Private Server

# (4) Version

Indicates Nanome version

# (5) Settings

In the Setting tab, users can adjust various settings.

  • Configuration Viewer

By selecting the Configuration button in the Setting tab, users can view the Nanome Configuration file, which contains additional settings that cannot be controlled directly from within the app. The Configuration file can be located in the same directory as the app build directory.

# Update Banner

The update banner features the latest features that are added in the version that the users are in.

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